Cabin, August 2014


This was another August trip to the Cabin. This trip lasted from 09 August to 15 August, 2014. Unfortunately, this and some other trips never got properly documented. There are, however, photos, so those will be included even though a story cannot be written at this late date. At least for these photos there are captions that were created at the time. From the captions and other trips, most of the photos can be easily understood!

09 August

(Rarely used) Front door to Cabin. Cabin as seen from the creek. River near the Cabin. Bill and Frankie hiking the loop. Trail around the loop. Bill, Frankie, and Dog resting along the loop.

10 August

River behind the Cabin. Marsh behind the Cabin. River behind the Cabin. Fallen log that served as a bridge to get across the river behind the Cabin. Eroding and fallen tree in the river behind the Cabin. Muddy area I crossed from the fallen log bridge to get to the other side of the river. Good sized toad somewhat camouflaged. Much smaller toad along a muddy path. River behind the Cabin. River behind the Cabin. Old beaver dam bridging the river behind the Cabin. River behind the Cabin. The trail I hiked.  This is the third "road" at the intersection of McCloud Grade and Old Seney. Sign on the fancy bridge along Old Seney. Fancy bridge along Old Seney.

11 August

Part of Harvey Creek near the Lucky Buck. Larger tree partially cut down by a beaver. Two-track with wild flowers. Active bee hive. Remanants of logging. Creek in the woods. Pizza for dinner.

12 August

Another bee hive. Muddy patch along the path to Camp Oscar.  Last year this was a pool of water. A serious pump at Camp Oscar. Gate on the road to Camp Oscar. Hill on Old Seney (skied in the winter).

13 August

Creek in the woods. Bridge on the trail to the Barfield Lakes. Pheasant on the road near the Barfield Lakes. Flooded road on the way to the Barfield Lakes. The flooding of the road extends pretty far off the road. Some blueberries.  The fruit was very sparse and small due to the dry weather. More of the area flooded along the road to the Barfield Lakes. Desolate looking area near the Barfield Lakes. More of the desolate area near the Barfield Lakes. Yet more of the flooded area on the way to the Barfield Lakes. Duck in Harvey Creek near the Lucky Buck.

14 August

McCloud Grade Less frequently traveled spur connecting to roads in the woods. Two-track I hiked along east of the Lucky Buck. River along the two-track. Bridge across the river.  It is much more solid than it looks. Corner along snowmobile trail 443 from which the two-track branches. Two-track branching off snowmobile trail 443. Another muddy area that had been flooded the year before. Deer in the woods. Close up of deer in the woods. More stump removal.  Yet more is to be done. Wood from the removed stump. Simple screened in shelter that once wonderfully kept the bugs away. Large fallen tree near the Cabin. Creek right behind the Cabin. The washed out area along McCloud Grade one year later.

15 August

Main Cabin room closed up.

The Cabin

Below are some shots of the Cabin taken for some reason. Perhaps for documenting the current state. They are included here for precisely that reason. These can be compared to later photos to see how it is holding up and/or the changes that have been made.

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